Elplatek currently provides the following processes:

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​​Copper. Is mainly used as interlayer.

​Nickel. We offer nickel plating, which is often used as base layer for chrome or gold.

​Tin. Tin is used in many applications , mainly in the electronics industry.

​​Silver. We offer silver plating , mainly to the electronics industry but also for decorative purposes.

​​Gold. We plate many parts for use in different kinds of industries, particular medical electronics.

​​ElplaLoy White bronze. Is an important specialty used as a corrosion -resistant, solderable coating with good conductivity.

​​GalvaLoy Tin / nickel. Is a coating with great opportunities. In the case of a very hard, highly corrosion resistant coating which is similar to stainless steel. The link here opens our brochure on GalvaLoy NS11 tin / nickel.

​​Copper/silver. Can provide a reducing effect on microbial contamination on furniture, instruments and equipment.

​​We treat virtually all basic materials , including aluminum and various types of stainless steel.

​We are always ready to discuss other processes of interest, as our organization and know-how allows us to be flexible .